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Custom Products

With many years of experience and knowledge, Lexco can design and build custom equipment for your unique and challenging material handling applications.

Here are some examples of custom equipment that Lexco has designed and built over the years..

P/N 497004
Model No. LMT-4BRGB-10552
Size 48” x 84”
Capacity 4000 lbs.
Lift Range 35” to 50”
Notes Powered Push/Pull system installed longitudinally along the 84" axis allows for safe transfer of loads up to 75" long x 48" wide. (4,000 lbs. maximum weight)
Self contained drive system with onboard 24 VDC battery enables transport, lift, and transfer of molds and/or dies anywhere on the plant floor.
Four button pendant controls the following: table top raise, table top lower, Push/Pull IN, Push/ Pull OUT.
Power source is transferred from the power drive unit to the table via "DC Jump Start" cables.
Onboard high capacity battery charger has 110 VAC input, with 20 Amp DC output for quick charging anywhere that has 110 VAC outputs.
Unique Features Optional accordion skirt protects the users from moving parts located under the table top. Additionally, the skirt protects the electrical & hydraulic systems from environmental dirt & dust.
P/N 492165
Model No. STN-2006-1F-A-10105
Size 20” x 72”
Capacity 1000 lbs.
Lift Range 33” to 51”
Notes Designed to lift, lower, index, & transport heavy pipe to and from storage areas to automated cutting saws for processing.
Unique Features Top size (12” x 72”), Gravity rollers, fixed side fences, & locking ratcheting strap to fix loads during transport.
P/N 492290
Model No. HT-2040-1F-B-10066
Size 20” x 48”
Capacity 1000 lbs.
Lift Range 32” to 48”
Notes Designed to extend into a stamping press and remove/ install stamping dies. The table top is cantilevered 16” allowing the dies to be placed directly onto the lower platen of the press. Additionally, the table has integrated push/pull system that allows the user to retrieve the dies from the machine without reaching into the machine. Lastly, counterweights were installed onto the opposite end of the table, allowing the weight transfer without the becoming unstable and “tipping” into the press.
Unique Features Cantilever table top, Hydraulic jack rotated 45° for easy access, rotated grab handle, counter weights, & crank wheel to index the push/pull unit.
P/N 496006
Model No. EL-3806-5F-BT-DF
Size 38” x 72”
Capacity 5000 lbs.
Lift Range 40-3/4” to 69-3/4” (top of ball transfers)
Notes Table top rotates 360° & can be locked into position at any point along the 360°. The base remains static while the top rotates by utilizing a unique sub-top design. This allows the table to be raised or lowered without regard of table top position. This design affords maximum flexibility in the transfer of dies into & out of presses.
Unique Features Sub-top w/ball transfers installed to allow the table top to rotate freely. Position locks allow for precise placement loads (dies) on & off table. Adjustable back fences allow greater adjustability of loads. One HP. Motor & high capacity pump, AC powered.
P/N 496010
Model No. RT-2998-9610
Size 29” x 98”
Capacity 1000 lbs.
Elevation Range 36” to 42” (Gravity feed to Rotation station)
Notes This table was designed to transfer up 1000 lb. loads along a conveyor to a rotation station where the load will then either be offloaded or shifted 90° to an additional work station for processing.
Unique Features 30” x 48” Conveyor system. w/gravity feed & adjustable legs to increase/decrease feed angles. 44” diameter ball transfer top. Removable fencing to allow work to be done as the load is being processed. Removable conveyor system w/ spring loaded locking mechanism to allow for relocation as necessary. Mounting cleats installed onto base unit to allow for securing table to floor.
P/N 496513
Model No. EM-2436-2F-9478
Size 24” x 36”
Capacity 2000 lbs.
Lift Range 30” to 48”
Notes Linear Actuator, 120 VAC powered lifting system. Pneumatically controlled retractable ball transfers, foot operated. Retractable outriggers to increase load stability in raised position. Drop fences to add security to loads during transport. 2 button pendant (up/down controls)
Unique Features Safety lockout system for pneumatic system allows ball transfers to remain deployed in the event of air pressure failure. Retractable outriggers with adjustable mounting feet. Height lock devises installed to allow loads to be locked into a predestined height during critical load transfer. Linear actuator lifting system: no hydraulics allowed for this application; Clean environment.
P/N 496523
Model No. HTP-2030-2F-C-9775
Size 20” x 30”
Capacity 2000 lbs.
Lift Range 27” to 45”
Notes Manual Push/Pull devise installed to table top allows for safe transfer of loads on & off table. Adjustable guide rails allows for precise orientation of loads as they being transferred. Manual hydraulic lifting system is a self contained cost effective and durable alternative to costly powered systems. Drop base design allows for lower stating heights coupled with longer hydraulic cylinder strokes.
Unique Features Removable grab handles, compact design, Adjustable guide rails, high density gravity rollers

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